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აღწერა:Hi everyone.

Apologies if you see this as a duplicate - the system seems to have swallowed my first attempt.

If this post is inappropriate here, please let me know and I'll move it.

Apologies also that I have no posting history here. I used to run a subtitling company called, and I think one or two of you can vouch for me as a decent chap.

I closed down my company in 2013 and moved out of subtitling into audio editing, and I no longer need my subtitling software, so it's for sale.

It's a single freelancer licence for Starfish Isis, bought in 2008 for £2500 (educational rate - usual price was around £4000) and last updated around 2011.

At the time I bought it, Isis was rather undeveloped relative to WinCAPS and Swift, neither of which I could afford. :) Isis was buggy and clunky, especially in the open captions mode which very few other customers ever used. I worked with Starfish for a couple of years to refine it, and by 2010 it was a slick, fast, usable package with lots of useful new export formats like .srt. I enjoyed my time using it - the learning curve coming from WinCAPS was a bit steep, but in fact once I got the hang of it it was nearly as capable as WinCAPS, even better in some ways.

So... time to sell. I have the CD and dongle. If I remember correctly the installation is a bit complicated, involving setting up a media server on your computer as well as the subtitling package. It's doable if you're comfortable with your own IT support but you might need Starfish to talk you through it if not. I have no idea whether they still support this software, btw. You can have copies of all my back-and-forth emails with Starfish if they might be helpful to you.

I ran Isis on Win7 and XP - I don't know whether there's a more up-to-date version that runs on Win10.

I could also be persuaded to sell the PC it's installed on as part of the deal. That would save you the trouble of installing the software. :) The PC is one I built myself using good midrange components in 2011, it has a Core i3 processor and a good spec for the time, and it runs Windows 7. It also has a bunch of other useful subtitling stuff on it, including various video converters and encoders as well as full licences for SubBits and Flash CS3 so you can render DVD subtitles, produce .xml files etc.

Anyone interested? I'd be more than happy with about £200/230€ for the software only, perhaps £400/460€ if you want the computer as well. I'm based in Finland and can ship EU-wide at cost.
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