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ავტორი: Virginia Pauri
გაგზავნის დრო:Mar 22, 2020
მდებარეობა: Osimo
აღწერა:I'm about to complete a specialization course in Translation for the Tourism industry where I'm translating texts from brochures, websites and tourt guides from English and Spanish into Italian. Now, I am looking for a mentor who can help me with one (or more) of the above-mentined topics and also help me getting established as a translator. I'm also available for remote free interniships because I think that is a good starting point for a new carreer. I have just found out this opportunity on Proz and I can't wait to start! Thanks to everyone will help me!

ამ თხოვნის თაობაზე დაუკავშირდით:Virginia Pauri
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