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ავტორი: ingrid devanne
გაგზავნის დრო:Jul 22, 2020
აღწერა:Hello !

I am a French translator (european) and I was wondering if any British/American/Canadian/Australian translator would be interested in getting in touch for linguistic skill exchange.
By this, I mean it happens when I am translating that I get stuck on a sentence because I definitely don't get it. In that case, I often think that it would be great if I could ask a native if he/she could help. And I also think that he/she could be in the same situation and could also need my help.
Anyway, I don't know if my post is off-topic, but I hope not.
In case anyone would be interested and could use my French skills too, just contact me via this forum.
I wish you all a great day,

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