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ავტორი: Marie Anne Jacquet French Translator & Voice Over
გაგზავნის დრო:Jul 23, 2020
აღწერა:Dear colleagues,

I am an English into French translator, and I am looking for a native English-speaking colleague (US or UK) who would accept to revise the ENGLISH translation of my website, and for whom I would do the same (his/her FRENCH version) if need be.
Ideally, this would be a service rendered in reciprocity, and which would allow both of us, why not thereafter, in the context of a translation/proofreading work in pairs, ensure high-quality service before delivery to a customer.
If any of you is willing to discuss this or knows a fellow translator who would agree this shared service, please contact me by using the form below.
I am grateful in advance for your answers and wish you all a great day.

ამ თხოვნის თაობაზე დაუკავშირდით:Marie Anne Jacquet French Translator & Voice Over

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