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ISBN: 9789508851185
Author: Guillermo Cabanellas, Eleanor Hoague
Edition: Hardcover
Pairs: ინგლისური -> ესპანური, ესპანური -> ინგლისური
Broad fields: სამართალი/პატენტები
Publisher: Heliasta
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2 volumes. I copy from the Prologue to the 1st. edition:
"[...]it is useless to tryto always find the equivalent in one language of a term used in the other; to do so also runs the risk of not providing the equivalent of the term in the other language, but of creating a pseudoterm which only sounds similar to the words actually used in the other language.
To avoid these dangers, we have provided the equivalent of each word only when one actually exists in the other language. When there is no precise equivalent, the meaning of the word has been explained."