Langenscheidt Routledge German technical dictionary

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Posted by: Edward Bradburn

ISBN: 0415335868
Author: Robert Dimand (Editor)
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 512
Pairs: გერმანული -> ინგლისური
Broad fields: მედიცინა, ტექნიკური/საინჟინრო
Specific fields: გენეტიკა, მედიცინა: ჯანდაცვა, IT (ინფორმაციული ტექნოლოგია), ტელეკომუნიკაციები, მშენებლობა / სამოქალაქო ინჟინერია, ელექტრონიკა / ელექტროინჟინერია, ინჟინერია (ზოგადი), მშენებლობა / სამოქალაქო ინჟინერია, ელექტრონიკა / ელექტროინჟინერია
Publisher: London ; Routledge, 2004.
Price (approx.): 190 EUR


Since its publication in 1995, the German Technical Dictionary has established itself as the definitive resource for anyone who needs to translate technical documents between German and English. This new edition has been substantially revised to reflect the technological environment of the twenty-first century. The revised edition contains over 75,000 entries, of which over 5,000 are new, with many new entries in the areas of:* the Internet and telecommunications* bio-technology and the new genetics* new developments in health technology. Throughout, this dictionary continues to benefit from the features that made the first edition so valuable, including accurate translations in British and American English and an attractive, durable and easy to use layout