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Title Cover Author Language pair Description Feedback
Guide anglais français de la traduction René Meertens ინგლისური -> ფრანგული
Destiné à qui possède déjà une connaissance satisfaisante du vocabulaire anglais, ce guide a pour but de faciliter la traduction d anglais en fra...
5 (2 entries)
Hamblock/Wessels, Grosswoerterbuch Wirtschaftsenglisch Hamblock/Wessels გერმანული -> ინგლისური
Very good dictionary for economic, business and commercial terms and general financial terms.
3 (1 entry)
Handbook of Criminal Law Terms Bryan A. Garner ინგლისური
Part of Black's Law Dictionary Series. Words and phrases in criminal law, criminology, criminal procedure and penology. Definitions and examples. A...
5 (2 entries)
Harrap's Online Chambers Harrap ინგლისური
ინგლისური -> ფრანგული
ფრანგული -> ინგლისური
Accès au texte intégral des deux volumes du Harrap's Unabridged (425 000 mots et expressions + 700 000 traductions) + The Chambers Dictionary (dicti...
How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator Corinne McKay ინგლისური
Are you bilingual? Have you ever dreamed of the freedom of working for yourself? Are you already a translator or interpreter, but would like to be ear...
Illustrated Building Dictionary Ulrik A. Hovmand, Nancy M. Andersen დანიური -> ინგლისური
ინგლისური -> დანიური
A unique, easy-to-follow reference work with 141 pages of illustrations and a glossary of more than 4,300 architectural and building terms in Danish a...
5 (1 entry)
In other words Mona Baker ინგლისური
This best-selling textbook written by Mona Baker, a leading international figure in translation studies, is the essential coursebook for any student s...
Italian/English Business Glossary Vincent Edwards, Gianfranca Gessa Shepheard იტალიური -> ინგლისური
ინგლისური -> იტალიური
This is an essential reference companion to all who use Italian for business communication. Containing over 5000 words, this handy two-way A-Z glossar...
Ivo Korytowski's English-Portuguese Translator's Dictionary Ivo Korytowski ინგლისური -> პორტუგალური
პორტუგალური -> ინგლისური
E-book version at 15/11/2013 of the popular Babylon glossary, now with 33,508 technical terms, idioms, acronyms, proper names, rare words, words of th...
Ετυμολογικό λεξικό της νέας ελληνικής γλώσσας Γεώργιος Μπαμπινιώτης ბერძნული
Το Ετυμολογικό Λεξικό αποτελεί το πλέον ενημερωμένο, σύγχρονο και επιστημονικά τ...

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