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5 out of 5
Out of 2 user reviews.

The most powerful automated alignment tools on the market!

  • Automate the creation of bitexts to accelerate and streamline the document alignment process that feeds into your translation memory software.
  • Free yourself from wasting time correcting misalignment errors, thanks to superior alignment quality.
  • Produce alignments compatible with popular translation memory software packages such as LogiTerm, WordBee Translator, SDL Studio, DéjàVu, WordFast, Fusion, etc., and full-text search engines such as LogiTerm, dtSearch and ISYS.
  • Reduce the number of requests from suppliers and partners regarding your corporate terminology and phraseology, and make their work easier by publishing read-only bitexts on your intranet or the Internet.
  • Maximize the investment of your current computer-assisted translation solution.
  • Increase the performance of your existing tools.
  • Choose between various configuration settings, including segment filtering, for total control over alignment output.
  • Find term equivalents easily by creating bitexts.
  • Master the user-friendly, easy-to-learn user interface with minimal time and effort.
  • Includes a user-friendly alignment editor.

  • Software details

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    License typePerpetual
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    30 days
    Free trial
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    5 out of 5 The best alignment tool on the market, although pricey
    Review by 
    pcs_MCIL I had the chance to play with the full version and it is an amazing tool, way better than other alignment tool produced by other big names in the CAT industry.

    Extremely powerful, fast and yet simple and intuitive to learn. Watch 10' of video tutorial and you are ready to use it. It can align 300-pages word files in a matter of minutes. It is simply amazing.
    However, the price is extremely high and as a freelancer it was too much expensive.
    I highly recommend it to agencies - it is a tool that you cannot miss! It provides alignment in multiple languages at once and automatic pairing of documents based on filenames.

    This is the Ferrari of alignment tool: if you are lucky enough to afford it, buy it!
    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

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    5 out of 5
    How easy is it to learn?

    Numero uno
    Review by 
    Michael Beijer . Agree with SEA-words. AlignFactory is the best.

    I think it's a bit too expensive for an aligner though and that they'd sell a lot more licences if they lowered the price a bit. However, if you do a lot of aligning, you should probably just cough it up. After all, how much did you pay for that iPhone? ;-)

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