Self-paced translator training

Online training trainees can take at their own pace via ProZ.'s e-learning platform, Moodle.

What is Moodle?

Watch this 2 minutes video and understand what is Moodle.

Have your training available 24/7
Create and upload your self-paced course to the elearning platform once and have it always available for studenst worldwide with no extra time investment on your end.

Upload virtually any type of digital documents.
You can easily create and store training resources in the format of text files, audio, video, images, webpages, images, links, presentations and more.

Arrange resources and tools in a way that suits your educational purpose.
Use different tools to make your pre-exisiting resources and training materials available online in an engaging and interactive format that suits your needs.

Evaluate students with prepopulated self-assesment tests
Use prepopulated assignments, quizes, ratings, multiple chioce, true/false, drag'n'drop, short answer questionaires to build understanding and let self-assess their progress.

Process step-by-step

1. Agreement. Read and accept the tems and conditions.
2. Submit program and content. Create the session program and upload the course content to the e-learning platform - there are specfic guidelines to help you create the sel-paced course.
3. Vetting. Your program and content are vetted by site staff (stage 4). sets up registration and starts promoting and selling your course.
4. Payment. will monthly update you on royalties generated from course sales.


Trainer will receive a revenue share update at the end of each month which will include the details for course sales and amount owed to trainer from

Revenue share payments are not made until the end of each quarter (unless amount owed at the end of any given month exceeds $500USD, in which case an invoice request will be sent to trainer).

  • Trainer receives 50% of all Gross Sales for a period of 365 days from first publish date.
  • Trainer receives 10% of all course Gross Sales in perpetuity after the first 365 days from publish.