TRADOS 2014 Freelance (US $500 OBO)

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შეთავაზება - სხვადასხვა - software license
ავტორი: DoctorFedora
გაგზავნის დრო:Nov 24, 2014
მდებარეობა: Kyoto
აღწერა:Bought a license for TRADOS 2014 Freelance around the beginning of the year for a big project that required it. A week later, the project was canceled and I haven't used it (nor the Windows VM I installed for it) a single time since then.

Asking $500 US (or make an offer), preferably via PayPal or something. I've already deactivated the license, so what I would do is change the email address on my SDL account to yours, then send a "forgot password" request, so you can make the password what you want it to be and then put your own address and other information in there. Contact me here or at [email protected]
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ამ შეთავაზების თაობაზე დაუკავშირდით:DoctorFedora
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