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hrcstrad posting from CafeTran Espresso shared:

Translating a human rights document on racism

  • CafeTran Espresso
  • 50% complete
Yana Kalinina posting from mobile shared:

Email survey invitation for users and notifications for major IT solutions provider.

Email survey, email template, IT, technical marketing

  • ინგლისური -> რუსული
  • 100 words
  • IT(InformationTechnology)
  • 100% complete
Yana Kalinina posting from mobile shared:

Marketing brochure for the next generation hybrid cloud management solution.

IT, technical marketing, marketing brochure, hybrid cloud management solution, software-defined netw

  • ინგლისური -> რუსული
  • 940 words
  • 100% complete
Fatima Noronha posting from shared:

Working hard on my MSc project on terminology

terminology, database, fisheries, aquaculture

  • Fisheries
Sol Nemeth posting from shared:

Transcription of an interview with the Head of the School of Engineering of an Uruguayan University.

Katia Pagani posting from CafeTran Espresso shared:

Risk assessment document

  • იტალიური -> ინგლისური
  • CafeTran Espresso
  • 50% complete
Libera Simona posting from shared:

Marketing materials for enterprise mobility software.

Sandrine Pantel posting from shared:

Brochure about the products of a motorhome manufacturer

  • გერმანული -> ფრანგული
  • 2000 words
  • Across
AnnaSchmid posting from shared:

Translating an amazing book about Infinity, English to Russian, 300 pages

Andrea Halbritter posting from shared:

Translating an article about Ludwig II of Bavaria. French to German

Stephanie Bohnerth posting from shared:

Translating a PIL

Traitement Hormonal de Substitution, dysménorrhée, syndrome prémenstruel, ménopause, comprimé pelliculé

  • ფრანგული -> გერმანული
  • 4600 words
  • Medizin: Pharmazie
Teresa Borges posting from shared:

I’m just starting a FR/EN-PT translation of the general instructions for the assembly and use of an ionic hard hat dryer (long-standing customer)

Michele Piazza posting from CafeTran Espresso shared:

ITA to ESP Certificate of Residence


  • იტალიური -> ესპანური
  • 188 words
  • CafeTran Espresso
  • 100% complete

I finished an ENG to URD project, General and Technical, 831 words for Translators without Borders Good experience

  • ინგლისური -> ურდუ
  • 831 words
Ann Krol posting from shared:

Engineering Manual

  • პოლონური -> ინგლისური
  • 8000 words
  • Engineering (general)
  • MemoQ
Mohamed Gaafar posting from shared:

Subtitling some interesting episodes

  • ინგლისური -> არაბული
  • Anthropology
Laura Squitieri posting from shared:

Mining and Rock Drilling Machine Operator Manual (15k words)

Boom - Tramming - Telescope feeder

  • ინგლისური -> იტალიური
Muriel Vasconcellos posting from shared:

24,000 words on prevention of hospital infections (Spanish-English). After doing 30 pages on hand hygiene, I'm an expert!

Helmut Kolberg posting from shared:

Drei Gerichtsurteile Familienrecht

Umgangsrecht, Familienbeihilfe, Unterhaltszahlung

  • უნგრული -> გერმანული
  • 1432 words
  • Recht, Familienrecht
Natalya Danilova posting from shared:

Some lovely styles from the new A/W collection... >2k Here we go...

collection, brand, fashion, styles, clothing

  • იტალიური -> რუსული
  • 2200 words
  • Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
Maria Giovanna Polito posting from shared:

Translation of a company status

  • ფრანგული -> იტალიური
  • 2934 words
  • Law (general)
Stephanie Cordier posting from shared:

Translating press releases, finance, political economy

  • გერმანული -> ფრანგული
  • 851 words
  • Economics
  • Wordfast
Boutsady sayakoummane posting from shared:

software, User interface

  • ინგლისური -> ლაოსური
  • 144 words
  • Computers: Software
  • Microsoft Excel
Boutsady sayakoummane posting from shared:

Parent Notification of Student Eligibility for Supplemental Language Support Services

  • ინგლისური -> ლაოსური
  • 255 words

I finished an ENG to ESL project, General, Medicine, 2328 words for Translators without Borders I used MateCat. Project on pandemic influenza

  • ინგლისური -> ესპანური
  • 2328 words
Livia Seniuc posting from CafeTran Espresso shared:

Certificate of incorporation

  • 393 words
  • CafeTran Espresso
  • 29% complete
Eric Zink posting from shared:

Customer invitation to a 20-year anniversary celebration for a systems supplier, about 300 words (completed 28 June)

Produktionshalle, Hauptsitz, Kundenevent

  • გერმანული -> ინგლისური
  • 275 words
  • Advertising / Public Relations
  • MemoQ
Eric Zink posting from shared:

Press release from a major German cloud computing company about awards its products received from a ratings agency, about 400 words (completed June 27)

Portfolio, Wettbewerbsfähigkeit, Digitalisierung

  • გერმანული -> ინგლისური
  • 384 words
  • Advertising / Public Relations, Computers: Systems, Networks
  • MemoQ
Eric Zink posting from shared:

A book about introducing active knowledge bases to service centers, about 35K words (completed June 23)

Wissensdatenbank, Wissensmanagement, Anfragen, Agenten, Kanäle

  • გერმანული -> ინგლისური
  • 34945 words
  • Management, Computers: Systems, Networks
  • MemoQ
Eric Zink posting from shared:

Administrator training handbook for server configuration functions, about 3400 words (completed June 23)

Programmverzeichnis, Einspielen, Parameter

  • გერმანული -> ინგლისური
  • 3428 words
  • Computers: Software, Computers: Systems, Networks
  • MemoQ
Lidia Lianiuka posting from shared:

Sportswear collection. Colección de ropa deportiva. Коллекция спортивной одежды.

Spanish fashion brand, nueva colección, одежда для спорта

  • ესპანური -> რუსული
  • 1100 words
  • Publicidad / Relaciones públicas, Textil / Ropa / Moda, Imprenta y publicación
Eric Zink posting from shared:

PowerPoint presentation covering competitor analysis following a recent exhibition for a manufacturer of safety switches, about 5200 words (completed June 21)

Sicherheitsschalter, Messenachbereitung, Sicherheitszuhaltung

  • გერმანული -> ინგლისური
  • 5211 words
  • Engineering: Industrial
  • MemoQ
Eric Zink posting from shared:

Application for sole custody of a minor child, around 600 words (completed June 19)

Antragstellerin, Antragsgegner, Vollmacht, Sorgerecht

  • გერმანული -> ინგლისური
  • 609 words
  • Law (general)
  • MemoQ
Eric Zink posting from shared:

A series of product descriptions for a smart home components totalling around 2700 words (completed June 14)

Bausteinprinzip, intelligentes Zuhause

  • გერმანული -> ინგლისური
  • 2726 words
  • Computers: Systems, Networks, Computers: Hardware
  • MemoQ
Eric Zink posting from shared:

Press release for a provider of data discovery software on awards its product received, about 600 words (completed June 12)

Kriterien, Marktsegmente

  • გერმანული -> ინგლისური
  • 635 words
  • Computers: Software, Advertising / Public Relations
  • MemoQ
Ruslan Polishchuk posting from shared:

Proofreading of the translated feature subtitles.

  • ინგლისური -> უკრაინული
  • Movies
Irene Elmerot posting from shared:

Fully booked all summer with Viking Age proofreading and Top Gear travel translations!

Jan Truper posting from shared:

Mobile credit card management app for a multinational financial services corporation

Valeria Gramigni posting from shared:

Subtitling a two-hour documentary about science. Fascinating!

Tatiana Nikitina posting from TM-Town shared:

Translating Investigator’s Brochure for a Clinical Study 

clinical study, clinical trial, drug development, pharma

  • ინგლისური -> რუსული
  • 25000 words
  • medical (clinical trial), medical (pharmaceuticals)
  • Trados Studio 2017
Sari_ posting from Translators without Borders shared:

I finished an ENG to ARA project, 831 words for Translators without Borders Feels the world trying to help!

  • ინგლისური -> არაბული
  • 831 words
Abdulhadi Hairan posting from shared:

Finished translating documents of legal proceedings

Legal, trial

  • ინგლისური -> პუშტო (Pushto)
  • 3980 words
  • Law (general)
Marlene Blanshay posting from shared:

7000 word review, training for phone sales staff; press review, 400 words.

  • ფრანგული -> ინგლისური
Franco Rigoni posting from shared:

English-Italian interpretation in Verona / meat processing

  • ინგლისური -> იტალიური
Kerry Sluchinski posting from shared:

Just finished a translation of tourism document for WTCF, Chinese to English, 1398 words.

  • ჩინური -> ინგლისური
  • 1398 words
  • Tourism & Travel
Karina Atencio posting from shared:

I have just translated a text of 1500 words: a business proposal to fund social projects.

Ayşe Kıvılcım Karazor posting from shared:

Translating a booklet for Victoria's Secret.


  • ინგლისური -> თურქული
  • 3210 words
  • Cosmetics, Beauty
Ana Florencia Fernandez posting from shared:

Several healthcare files.

Axelle H. posting from shared:

Just finished to translate subtitles for a technical advert

  • ინგლისური -> ფრანგული
  • 795 words
eliasjahn posting from CafeTran Espresso shared:

Manual of heavy road construction machinery for a new client

  • 1646 words
  • CafeTran Espresso

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