Feedback management - Blue Board (LWA)

The Blue Board is a feature which provides translators, interpreters and other service providers with a means of entering a number from 1 to 5 representing their Likelihood of Working Again (LWA) with a given outsourcer (ie. client or translation company/agency). By way of explanation, the service providers can also enter a line of text along with the number. In response, the outsourcer may enter a line of text of their own.

Service providers may make one entry per outsourcer per year--provided that they have worked for the outsourcer again before adding an additional entry. Multiple entries may not be made on the basis of a single experience.

Outsourcers who are listed and have received positive entries report a higher degree of trust and shortened project launch cycles among those service providers who reference the Blue Board.

For feedback posted by outsourcers on service providers please visit the WWA page.
Service providers - I am a service provider and I would like to:

  • Search/browse the Blue Board
  • Add an outsourcer not currently listed to the Blue Board
  • See the Blue Board entries I have provided
  • View the Blue Board statistics
  • Outsourcer - I am an outsourcer and I would like to:

  • Create a Blue Board record for my company
  • View the entries I have received
  • Request LWA entries from service providers who have worked for me
  • View the Blue Board statistics