Becoming a translator

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Posted by: Nikki Graham

ISBN: 0415300339
Author: Douglas Robinson
Edition: Hardcover
Pages: 320
Pairs: ინგლისური
Broad fields: მეცნიერება
Specific fields: განათლება / პედაგოგიკა
Publisher: London ; Routledge, c2003.
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An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Translation. A practical guide for translators, especially beginners. Second edition. Douglas Robinson presents an innovative approach to translation by integrating translation theory and the practical skills required by the working translator. The book provides the type of information and advice that novice translators really need: * how to translate faster and more accurately * how to deal with arising problems and stress * how the market works * includes a wide variety of lively activities and exercises to facilitate the learning of both theory and practice * includes a detailed Teachers Guide - contains suggestions for discussion and activities and hints for the teaching of translation. Becoming a Translatorhas been specifically designed for introductory undergraduate courses in the theory and practice of translation. It will also be of interest to professional translators and students of translation and language