Translation training webinar

Webinars are one to two hour online presentations that connect presenters and audiences from their desktops anywhere in the world in real time. No previous technical knowledge and tools needed. provides you with the webinar platform at no cost.

Share your computer screen with the audience
Webinars can include many features, but basically it is a presenter sharing the computer screen with the audience. Presenters can prepare PowerPoint slides, surf the web, demonstrate software usage, etc. The audience can literally see everything that goes on in the presenter's screen, from the mouse moving across the desktop to the programs and files the presenter chooses to share. The platform we use (GoToWebinar) has no web cam system incorporated, so attendees will not be able to see the presenter, just listen to his/her voice.

Talk to the audience with a computer headset
Presenters and attendees can join the class right from their desktops using VOIP (microphone and speakers/headset) OR telephone. Presenters only need an Internet landline connection and a microphone to talk with the audience.

Answer antendee's questions in real time
Attendees can ask questions through a question chat. The presenter sees questions as they come in the questions panel. Oral communication with the attendees is also possible but it is restricted during webinars, attendees remain "muted" during most part of the presentation.

Receive especialized assistance during the webinar
Site staff will be online since 30 minutes before the start time to launch the session, welcome attendees, handle all technical aspects, and assit you during the presentation. Staff can help presenters moderate in the Q&A part.

Making a video out of your webinar
Site staff will take care of all the technical and practical aspects of recording your session. The editing, encoding, uploading and distribution of the videos will also be done by staff. You will receive royalties on videos sales for a lifetime.

Process step-by-step

1. Agreement. Read and accept the tems and conditions.
2. Submit program and content. Create the session program and upload the content - there are specfic guidelines to help you create this content.
3. Vetting. Create the session program and upload the content - there are specfic guidelines to help you create this content.
4. Practise. runs a practice session to do a system check and for you to become familiar with the classroom enviroment.
5. Conduct webinar. You, the students and staff join the webinar on the announced date and time. Staff assists with Q&A session and records your presentation.
6. Follow up. Students leave feedback, receive certificates of attendance and webinar recording.
7. Video. The video is made available in the site for sale on demand.
8. Payment. sends you an invoice request with detail of profit earned on the webinar session. will monthly update you on royalties generated from video sales.


Trainer will receive an invoice request from at the end of each month which will include the details for course taught over the month and amount owed to trainer from
Trainer should then submit an invoice as directed on the invoice request for payment with 30 days net terms.

  • Trainer receives 50% of all Gross Sales per webinar event conducted.
  • Trainer receives 10% of all Gross Sales of the resulting video in perpetuity after the first day from publish.